A Little Overwhelming

Well, I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed with this OU work. I’m pretty much a newbie to the Open University having only studied 1 Level 1 course and have now moved onto a Level 2 course. I’ve gone through the first four chapters of book number 1 (and it’s a big book) and I’ve really enjoyed them and found them interesting. I was a little annoyed there wasn’t more on planetary volcanism and fluvial and aeolian processes, but hey. (For those who haven’t read the ‘About’ section, I’m currently studying S283 Planetary Science and Astrobiology). So over the last few days I’ve been reading about planetary atmospheres, something I thought I might find interesting. I’m a meteorological weather observer as part of my job and find the weather and things very interesting. This stuff started in way above my head though. Quantum mechanics came into it. Quantum bleeding mechanics! 

I took a test which resulted in saying that I have the right mathematical ability to take this course. I’m wondering if it was wrong now though. Things like cos, tan, hyp or whatever have started coming up. I don’t even remember doing these things at school! What do they mean? Aaah?!

I’ve had a look at some of the upcoming chapters too. The maths gets worse. Worse! Can you believe it. I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to cope now.

I think it’s best that I stick to some easy Level 1 courses after this. Looks like I’m going to have to throw my hopes of learning complex science and maybe even getting a job in the field out of the window. I think I’m best just as a normal old lover of easy to understand information.

We’ll see what’s happened by the time the course ends in June next year though.

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