Airborne Atmospheric Research

My boss came up into the control tower the other day and said to me ‘The METMAN is coming in for a month at the end of February, we should be able to get fam flights’.

This got me extremely excited, in fact I am yet to calm down! First though, let me explain to you what ‘The METMAN’ is. The METMAN is an airplane. It’s a BAe 146 that is owned by BAe Systems and operated by Directflight. It is a result of a collaboration between the Met Office and the Natural Environment Research Council and it is established as part of the National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences.

What does this mean? Basically it’s an atmospheric research aircraft. It has lots of scientific equipment stuck to different parts of it, it goes flying, takes lots of measurements, and then scientists have loads of fun trying to make sense of it all.


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The NEODAAS Image Gallery

I came across this image gallery recently. It is full of astonishing, jaw-dropping, outstanding images of the Earth from space. There are some very famous photos there too like this one from Boxing day!

Snowy Britain

Truly fantastic huh!
Take a look at some more.

This is one of my favourites showing high pressure right over the UK

High Pressure over UK

And another truly gorgeous one.

Fog in the North Sea

That’s fog in the North Sea. Look at the beautiful colours in the sea just off the coast of France though. Algal bloom perhaps?

The image gallery is fully great, great photos. I’ll be sure to post more when they get some through!

Lucid Dreaming Update

It’s been a few days since I started trying to achieve a lucid dream. You’ll all be pleased to hear that it’s going fairly well, I think.

Simply just saying to yourself ‘I will remember my dreams’ a few times before you nod off has a profound effect. My dreams have been a lot more vivid, and I’ve actually remembered them! Success.

This is nowhere near lucid though. Every time I catch myself looking at a digital clock or trying to find the time, I’m asking myself ‘Am I dreaming?’ This technique should flow over into the dream land. When I see a digital clock in a dream and then look at it again the digits should have changed significantly, even to something unrecognisable. From then on you can be aware of your dream.

Keep tuned, and we’ll see how it goes!

Cadets Meet Space Shuttle Astronauts

This is a copy of a report I wrote a few months ago about our visit to see the STS-132 astronauts. The report was used in the Devon and Somerset Wing Air Cadet Magazine ‘The Mercury’

This year marks a very special year for NASA, and it is, rather unfortunately, a sad one too. It all started long before I was born on the 12th of April 1981. On that day 2 men, one an ex-Apollo astronaut, found themselves strapped into a new vehicle, a vehicle that would launch them 166 miles upwards at a speed of 17,500mph, a vehicle that would protect them whilst orbiting our pale blue dot, and a vehicle that could withstand 1500°C of heat whilst re-entering the atmosphere and slowing them down to less than 300mph before touchdown. This vehicle is of course, the Space Shuttle. Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming (via Christian Arthur)

Some more detail on lucid dreaming for you. All put in a better way than I could!

Lucid Dreaming After watching Inception this weekend I was inspired to write a post about lucid dreaming. I’ve been into lucid dreaming for almost eight years now and have them all the time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of dreaming, this article should prove informative and will probably blow your mind. Lucid Dreaming We all dream. If you think you don’t, you are wrong, you just don 't remember them when you wake up.  Dreams can be mundane … Read More

via Christian Arthur

Lucid Dreaming

I want to achieve lucidity!

I’ve heard about it for a while, read various articles in New Scientist about REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and been very interested in this bizarre state of dreaming. After reading and watching a programme on telly recently I have decided that I want to achieve this strange state of dreamy consciousness.

I’m going to keep a ‘dream diary’ as is recommended and I’m going to keep you all updated with my progress on here.

What is a lucid dream anyway? A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Apparently you can control aspects of the dream, what you do and so on. It sounds very sci-fi and very cool.

I’ve been doing some research and reading bits and bobs on the internet and hopefully soon it can be achieved. Please, stay tuned.