The Famous Video

My friend from cadets came running in with his laptop shouting ‘Matt, you’ve got to see this’. This proved to be our inspiration, and set us off out of trouble for the next 5 odd months.

It was a group of 3 of us. Dan, the Cadet Warrant Officer, the mind behind the entire thing. Josh, a newly promoted Corporal who was incredibly tall. Finally, myself, also a newly promoted Corporal.

We all sat down one night to discuss some plans for the video. There were some great ideas for things we could film but what song to use? I can’t quite remember how we decided, or even stumbled across Chumbawumba but our song would be ‘I Get Knocked Down’. And so began the arduous task of filming. Thankfully we didn’t have a shortage of cadets, they all wanted their shot of fame. After rafts of varying footage from people on top of roofs, to cadets playing guitars, and cadets springing up from the ground we had maybe 3 hours of video. 3 hours worth of awesome video to be squeezed into 3 minutes 30 odd seconds.

One long night, the 3 of us sat down. Chose the footage we wanted and played around. We spend at least 6 hours working on it that night, and it took a few more weeks to finalise.

We had recently passed both the Wing and Regional aspects of the Sir Alan Lees Trophy competition, some officers from RAF Cranwell were coming down to inspect the squadron for the final part of the trophy. What better night could there be for the videos debut.

Here it is!

(Afraid you’ll have to follow the link to the video on our Facebook page because I can’t embed Facebook videos in WordPress)

The video went on YouTube. After 2 months we had something like 45,000 hits! Then YouTube muted the video. Darned copyright problems.

So it’s still on YouTube, just with no sound. So the only other version is here ^ on the squadron’s Facebook.

Hope you all liked it :)

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