Welcome to the Wonders of the Universe

It’s finally here everybody. Today is the day. BBC2, 9pm. Tune in! You won’t regret it.

It’s going to be with us for the next four weeks. 4 episodes of sheer awesomeness. This first episode is entitled ‘Destiny’, and looks at time. What it is, how it works. We’ll go from the Big Bang to the end of the Universe.

Typically I’ll be working when it’s being shown for the next two weeks. So no major spoilers, and please, please do not tweet me saying ‘Haha’. I won’t find it amusing in the slightest!

Eitherway, I hope you all thoroughly enjoy it all, and if you’re new to science, I really do hope it inspires you to learn more. It is a fascinating topic.

The accompanying book is also available. Find it on Amazon here and get £10 off!

Oh and don’t forget it’s the 700th episode of ‘The Sky at Night’ tonight too. BBC1, 2325. It’ll have Brian Cox, John Culshaw, Martin Rees and the other regulars. Not to be missed either!

And once again, that amazing trailer!

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