Finally Decided

I have finally decided where to head with my OU studies. At least for the time being anyway!

After completing my current course (S283: Planetary Science and the Search for Life) which is an amazing course by the way, I’m going to focus on some basic level 1 courses. I want to get a broad knowledge of different areas of science and so have decided to head for the Certificate in Contemporary Science. A smash of 6 level 1 courses that I have decided to include:

  • S196: Planets: An Introduction (one I’ve already passed)
  • S186: Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis (my next course)
  • S194: Introducing Astronomy (the one I’ll do after that)
  • S170: Darwin and Evolution
  • S189: Understanding the Weather
  • ST174: Inside Nuclear Energy

I think that’ll give me plenty of knowledge in some differing areas, and it’ll take me well into next year at my rate of study! The plan after this is unclear, but I plan to do some maths courses so I can do S282: Astronomy (or its successor) so I can get the Certificate in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences and then perhaps do S207: The Physical World and S276: Geology. After that, who knows? It’s a long way off though!

I long to know more, and I’m rather excited about my future studies! :)

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