My View

I’m fairly lucky at work. I regularly get treated to some pretty amazing views, and I take it for granted. Over the years it’s become the norm and I forget how lucky I am.

Here I wanted to show you some of spectacular sunrises and sunsets I get to see, as well as a few others.

Sunset on the Apron

That above one taken just the other evening.

Sunset with the Moon

I love this one because you can even see the crescent Moon in the image. Beautiful!

Cloudy Sunset

Incoming Snow!

That above one is one of my all time favourites. One part I love about my job is that I get to do the weather, and nothing is more spectacular about the weather than these cumulonimbus clouds. This one was taken December 2010 amongst all the snowy chaos!

Snowy Panorama

You’ll have to click on that one to see the larger picture (which you must do). It’s a fantastic panorama of the airfield in the snow.


Misty Sunrise

Afternoon Divert

Mega Thunderstorm

One of the rarer views out of the window. In July 2010 we had a pretty humongous thunderstorm go through. The visibility went down to less than 1000m, the runway got flooded and it was a pretty interesting afternoon!

Colourful Sunset

And one of the more colourful sunsets during the Autumn!

Morning Fog

One of the few photos of a foggy morning.

All photos are either taken on my iPhone 4 (with or without the HDR Pro app), my little point and shoot Samsung NV24HD or my Canon EOS 1000D.

I hope you liked the photos, and I promise to try and not take the view for granted anymore!

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