A Few Recent Videos Worth a Watch!

Destination Titan:
This is a fascinating documentary about how a team of British scientists worked on the Huygens probe that would land on Saturn’s moon Titan – Humanity’s most distant outpost!

Around the World in 60 Minutes:
Would do you see during an orbit of the Earth? Scientists and astronauts show you the incredible things they get to see!

Tim Michin’s Storm:
A short animated poem by comedian Tim Minchin discussing some interesting issues!

The Sagan Series – A Reassuring Fable:
Part 3 of the Sagan Series. Always moving and thoughtful videos.

First Orbit:
50 years since the dawn of human spaceflight this movie shows you what Yuri Gagarin may have seen, all with the actual audio from the mission in 1961. Astonishing, and truly beautiful!

The Making of First Orbit:
A short video on the making of the movie and how the astronauts aboard the ISS set about filming.

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