Time for some R + R

It’s been a fairly hectic year so far what with moving house, working excessive overtime at work and studying for my OU course. Thankfully things ought to take a bit of a back-burner now. My exam is next Monday and after that I’m to see an old friend in Durham and explore Newcastle before heading out to venture through the streets of Prague. I’m in Prague for 4 days and I’m going to do the touristy stuff as well as some of the geeky stuff. Prague being the home of modern astronomy there’s a lot to do. Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler spent quite a lot of time there. I’ll come back and blog about my adventures and then my timelapse project can being in earnest and I can do some noctilucent cloud observing too.

Until then 2 early shifts and a day shift starting tomorrow, can’t wait till they’re over!

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