Close Pass

It’s only ever short notice with these things – Near Earth Asteroids. The asteroid 2011MD is going to pass teeth-chatteringly close by on Monday 27th June, a mere 7,500 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere in fact.

This thing is so small (between 6 and 14 meters) so that we’re only able to see it when it’s very close. A bit of a problem if an object was actually going to hit the Earth! But thankfully this one’s only passing close by. Even if it did enter the atmosphere the majority of it would likely break up and the remaining bits to hit the ground would have minimal impact. Nonetheless still an exciting event.

It’ll only be viewable from the Southern hemisphere through a moderately powerful telescope, which is a shame. Here are some graphics of the objects predicted path however from NASA’s Near Earth Object Program

The next two are really cool animations, the second one showing you the Earth from the perspective of the asteroid which is really amazing stuff!

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