My Trip to the Homeopathists

Strictly speaking I think that should read ‘Homeopath’, but let’s not worry too much about that.

Some of you may be truly shocked, gasping for breath, clutching your heart in agony at hearing the fact that I have indeed been to see a homeopath. What the hell was I doing?

I was a lot younger, I hadn’t come across the wonders of science yet, I was applying for the RAF and had a minor skin irritation. It was just a small patch of eczema on my back, but I couldn’t have that on my official medical records because the RAF wouldn’t give me the job I wanted in which case.

My mum suggested I go to the homeopath. I didn’t have a clue about what one was but was given the impression by my mum that they were technically doctors.

It was a strange experience. I was taken into a large room in which were 2 chairs. It was nice calm and relaxing room. We sat down. She, the homeopath, started asking me lots of questions. About my history, about my life, what got me stressed, what got me chilled. This went on for at least an hour. How was this helping, I thought. At the end I was given a little pot of pills.

I went back about a month later. Things hadn’t got better. We talked again and a higher dosage was given.

It never worked.

I never went back, I never joined the RAF. A year later I started to figure out who I’d actually been to seen. I scrutinised the science and the evidence. I had been given what is effectively just water, sugar pills…a placebo.

I don’t think the placebo ever really worked with me because I was never really truly sure that the homeopath would have an effect.

So here I tell you. If you’re ill, no matter how minor, go and see your GP. They know what they’re doing, they will give you medicine that isn’t water. Homeopaths endanger the lives of people who go to see them, especially people who go to them for anti-malaria treatment and similar. Just don’t do it, it doesn’t work. If you want a placebo, go get a placebo, they’re just as effective if you know it’s a placebo too. My recommendation though, see your bleeding doctor!

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