What does God do in his spare time?

As I’ve just started reading The God Delusion, I’ve found myself pondering more about religion than usual. Just how stupid it is basically.

I have some friends who are religious, not extremely religious, but religious nonetheless. They all accept the scientific method, believe in evolution, the Big Bang and so on (if so why they believe in God I don’t know). Thinking about this I came to a startling conclusion. God must have a heck of a lot of free time.

God initiated the Big Bang and set forth the clock of cosmic evolution. He would have been exceedingly bored for about 13.5 billion years until we came along and he could give us rules to live by, and so we could kneel down and worship him. What did he do with all that time? I usually got bored when I haven’t done anything for 15 minutes.

I almost think that, after pondering about this, if you believe in God, creationism makes a bit more sense – God created the Universe a few thousand years ago, made people and there wasn’t really much free time.

Ofcourse, creationism is a load of bollocks.


13 comments on “What does God do in his spare time?

  1. Kelley says:

    It’s amazing to me how non-religious people have an entirely different perspective on life and God. I myself, believe and know, that God created the world only a few thousand years ago. You call it creationism, I call it awesome. The Big Bang theory is just that, a big bang of nonsense. At least to me, maybe I’m not understanding how others think that the world took billions of years to create, when it only took 7 days. To answer your question about what God does in His spare time.
    I want to say that God doesn’t have spare time. Even if He did, He would probably spend it watching over us and seeing that satan doesn’t win over our hearts. God has a lot to do already, loving us, forgiving us, walking with us, carrying us in hard times, making the world go around, taking care of His world. All of earth and it’s atomsphere belong to Him. I highly doubt that by controlling all of this, He has spare time.

    • Matt says:


      I too am amazed, but instead as to how creationists flatly refuse any and all (non-disputable) evidence presented. I’m afraid that what’s written in the Bible (by people many, many years after the times of Jesus) doesn’t count as evidence.

      ‘The Big Bang theory is just that, a big bang of nonsense’. Firstly, you seem to be implying that the Big Bang is ‘just a theory’. Indeed, it is a theory, but you need to check your understanding of the word theory (a theory is described as this in the dictionary – ‘a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena’). For example, the theory of gravity is only a theory, but none one is going to start disputing that!

      Secondly, the Big Bang is not a load of nonsense. The Big Bang is a well established theory backed up by mountains of evidence. You should check it out, it’s really quite interesting.

      ‘The world only took 7 days to create’. Hahaha, oh how you lot make me laugh. Are you serious?! The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Again, this is established by indisputable evidence. We know this from studying radioisotopes in meteorites. The age is also independently verified by studying the craters on the Moon and other bodies. Both of these indicate that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.

      Now I know you’ll disagree but say that the theory of evolution is true (it is, again backed up by mountains of evidence) God wouldn’t have interrupted in human affairs for about 198,000 thousand years. In that time many humans wouldn’t have had a great time, they’d have caught diseases, got injured finding food, dying during child birth, but still, God left them to it for 198,000 years. What a bastard eh, only deciding to intervene and lay down rules many years later.

      Why would I want God to love me anyway? I don’t need some fictional character to love me, or look after me in hard times. I get by just fine leading my own life the way I want and dealing with the issues that crop up. Do you really believe God listens to you, answers your prayers? Surely the master of the Universe should be making sure planets don’t suddenly fall out of their orbits, or ensuring that the strong nuclear force doesn’t suddenly change. Yet you say he still has time to listen to some humans’ bad day work and help them out? Now that, that is complete nonsense!

      Kelley, the answers provided by science are so much more enticing, exciting and awesome than what any religion could think up. Look into it and you’ll see how beautiful the Universe really is.


      • Kelley says:


        You mention “religion” a lot in your reply to me. I looked up the word “religion” in the dictionary. The definition I received is as follows, “1 a: the state of a religious. 1 b: the service and worship of God or the supernatural.” There is more to the definition but this is the only part that I wanted to copy. I do whole-heartedly believe that God does answer my prayers. I am a Christian, but Christianity is not a religion. It’s a relationship with God. We can only do so much to try and save ourselves. The fact remains, we can’t. And when I say we can’t save ourselves, I mean spiritually. Not physically. If I jumped in front of a on-coming car, I could easily jump out of the way. But that is not the mental picture that I had in mind. The Bible was writtin by people who have had a personal relationship with God. It explains all that He did for us. Sending His Son Jesus, to die for us. Have you ever read the Bible?

      • Matt says:


        You seem to ignore all of my points in the post above. Why is this?

        Moving on though. If Christianity wasn’t a religion it would solve a whole lot of issues!

        When you refer ‘saving ourselves spiritually’ do you mean being able to gain access to heaven when you die? Why do you need a reward to be kind and to act nice, why not just be kind for the sheer hell of it, because you just want to be nice to other people. I seek no reward for being nice, I just want to treat people how I like to be treated. We’re on this planet for a tiny amount of time, all I seek is to enjoy it, understand it, and treat my other kind well in it. When I die that’s it. Nothing, no more. My atoms will go on to become other things.

        The Bible was written by many people over many years, not in reference to their ‘personal relationship’ but in reference to by-gone stories from ages past. Besides, people who say they have a ‘personal relationship with God’, being able to talk with him and having him answer their prayers, I regard as having hallucinations and being exceedingly deluded.

        In answer to your question, yes, I have read parts of the Bible. The Old Testament is a particularly interesting read it must be said. God was an evil, evil man looking at that. But why should I use the Bible to base my morality? As I’ve said above why not just treat people nicely for the hell of it?


      • Kelley says:


        I’m not meaning to “ignore” all of your points. I actually think some of them had a good basis behind them. I would definitely say that there are different classes of Christianity. You have the “Super Christian”, “I believe in God, and I have accepted Jesus as my Savious,” and then the “I know about God, but I’ll live my life how I want, and I’ll put God in there someday.” I say for myself, I am the “I believe in God, and I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour.” Yes, we can’t save ourselves, and I did mean we can’t do anything on our own to get us into Heaven. It won’t work. Heaven isn’t a reward for being nice, and acting good to others. Heaven is paradise. It’s a place that God Himself designed for His children to go and be with Him.

      • Matt says:

        I’m intrigued as to your comment ‘some of your points have a good basis behind them’. What you’ll find is is that they all have a very good basis behind them because they are factually correct.

        The great philosopher Bertrand Russell said “Never be diverted by what you wish to believe but look only and surely at what are the facts”. Put all prejudice aside, look at the facts and you will come to the logical conclusion.

        You also say that ‘Heaven is a paradise. It’s a place that God Himself designed for His children to go and be with Him’. This I find interesting. It seems to me what you’re trying to say is that all humans will go to heaven, regardless of the life they have led. What about hell? Don’t murderers go to hell (and atheists)?

      • Kelley says:

        Haha yes. About your last comment on what I said about “Heaven is a paradise. It’s a place that God Himself designed for His children to go and be with Him.” When I said that, did you notice the word children? Well, everyone is God’s child, this is true. However, God has already predestined those He has chosen to be with Him. Those whom He has chosen are indeed His children. Hence you will notice I did not say, “all of God’s children.” When you said, “What about hell? Don’t murderers go to hell? (and athiests)?” They can go to hell. It is wholly possible. but what about this scenerio…I killed a man. Then I found out about God and His plan of salvation. Will I still go to Heaven even though I have killed someone? The answer, yes. If I have whole-heartedly repented of my sin, received Jesus Christ as my Saviour, accepting that on a Cross Jesus, Himself, died for me, I will go to Heaven. And I will live there forever with God.

  2. Jo says:

    Spot on, Mr Hughes. As a historian I don’t dispute the importance of religion in some people’s lives and the way it’s shaped our world, but as a person I think it’s no more believable than fairies living at the bottom of my garden.

    Religion is just another age old carrot and stick method of control. Like dictatorships and cults and boarding schools (all the nice things, then). Do what we say and this God bloke will love you. If you disobey you’ll burn in hell for all eternity. Now, forgive me for being blunt, but had I lived 700 years ago in a world with no scientific knowledge and no answers to our basic questions on the world, I probably would have opted for being mates with this God bloke. Religion was merely a way of plugging a void in our knowledge. That’s comforting.

    However, we aren’t living 700 years ago. We’re living in a world where we have answers and strong indisputable evidence that the world isn’t flat and you won’t burst into flames if you fancy a shag outside of marriage. Who’d have thought it? Science is an amazing thing that has shown us how truly amazing our planet is.

    If you want to have faith, fabulous. But you can’t ignore that science has hard and fast facts as opposed to a book from dubious sources that tells us there’s a bloke in the sky ‘wot makes stuff hallen’. Rant over.

  3. Kelley says:

    By the way, I have a question. In one of your earlier comments you said that the Bible was written by people many, many years after the time of Jesus, and that it does not count as evidence. Why not?

    • Matt says:

      The Bible does not count as evidence as it was written by ignorant men, and, as we have said, written years after the times of Jesus. It would be like getting my 7x great grandchild to write about me yet knowing nothing about me.

      Evidence is a set of observations that can be empirically tested to prove a hypothesis. The Bible does not provide this, and thus should not be considered as evidence,

      • Anonymous says:


        Hmm…I am very puzzled as to why you would consider the people who wrote the Bible ignorant. Indeed, I find their way of writing splendid. It’s a fasnicating book, and I do consider it evidence. And even if you don’t think it is, can you tell me how we were created? Why are all the planets suspended in the air? Why aren’t they on the ground? How did the Big Bang theory, (as you have told me is the only the logical way for us to be here) know to seperate the sky from the ground? How did it know to make some of us to be from different races, and color?

      • Matt says:

        I assume this is Kelley again? It says anonymous on my computer.

        You’re using the word ignorant in its incorrect form. The writing is indeed very good, all I meant by ignorant though is lacking in knowledge. And if you think it can be considered evidence that highlights your own ignorance.

        I’m baffled by the following questions you then asked. I would expect these sorts of questions from a curious 5 year old and not someone of a much older age (I assume your older than 5). The planets are not suspended in the air, they’re in space! They’re not ‘on the ground’ – there is no ‘ground’ in space. You’re not a flat-Earth creationist are you? The Big Bang didn’t know anything. There’s no supernatural force behind it. The course of evolution led to the variations you see.

        I urge you to watch this. It’s a short (11 minute) video called ‘The Story of Everything’. It is a much simplified description of everything from the Big Bang. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U49i8HYMp2k

        I would urge you further to watch the rest of ‘The Carl Sagan Tribute Series’. You might learn something.


      • Anonymous says:

        Yes this is Kelley. I definitely understand now what you mean about the planets…however, you didn’t fully answer my questions. I didn’t see answer on your part about how we were created.Or an answer about us being different races, and colors. I want you to tell me, not a video, not a quote, just your opinion of how we were created, and why we’re all different, and unique. As you also said, “the course of evolution led to the variations you see”…Are you saying that evolution maede us variate in color, size, and race?

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