The Pains of House Sharing

I moved to Exeter about a year and a half ago. I had never been to uni so had never lived with anyone else before. My friends dad buys and rents houses, he gave us a special deal. The shenanigans began.

First there were 4 of us, one of them was the most annoying person I have ever met, she left (or we annoyed so much and drove her out). Then two others moved in and another left a few month later. Now there are 4 of us again: Myself, Steve, Clara and Steph (these are pseudonyms).

I like things done my way, so you could say it all starts with me. Nevertheless my housemates do things that utterly nark me off. Steve has the most astoundingly long showers, leaves the power to the shower on and the tap not quite turned off. Washing up is left to be done for days at a time – do it when you’ve finished with it for Christ’s sake! People’s washing is left in the washing machine for even longer, it stinks and needs re-washing, it’s an endless cycle. When it does get to the washing line, it seemingly never comes down. I come back off nights and house lights have been left on for hours while everyone’s sleeping. Steve finishes watching TV in the living room and leaves it on with no intention of turning it off. The bin is always left until it is crammed to the brim, a state where it is impossible to remove the bin bag from the bin without the rubbish going everywhere.

I don’t like causing confrontations though. I grit my teeth and sort it out. Unless, that is, the heating is on. If the weather’s not good enough to dry clothes on the line, they’ll be put on the radiators and the heating switched on and then forgotten about. We all have airers so there is no need for this. I even came back today to find the heating on because ‘it’s cold outside’. It’s June, and whilst I know the weather hasn’t been great, it’s frickin’ 17°C outside. If you ask me, the heating shouldn’t be switched on until the maximum day time temperature is below 8°C.

My housemates are all lovely and we have great laugh though. If only they did things my way!

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