Is ‘Not Knowing’ the same as ‘Not Believing’?

Yesterday I had a brief Twitter discussion with @facepalm333. The topic? Are you born an atheist? The statement arose ‘is not knowing the same as not believing?’ This stumped me for it is a very good question.

Having recently read The God Delusion and watching television series such as Root of all evil it is made clear that children should not be labelled a Christian child, a Muslim child and so on. We wouldn’t label children as liberal children, socialist children or conservative children, but why for religion? But are we born atheist, and specifically atheist?

We are all born with a lack of knowledge (except for the extreme basics like how to breath) but are we also born with or without any beliefs? We’re born not knowing (or believing) in the existence of a God but does that count as being born an atheist? It’s a blurry line I think. I would argue we are not born atheist because I feel that we need to be able to make a conscious decision about it, having looked at evidence. Yet defines an atheist as ‘a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supremebeing or beings’. Now to deny we need to make a conscious decision, but is that so for the disbelief statement. If we’re born with no beliefs do we disbelieve?

I think this is quite a difficult question to answer, and with my lack of expertise I cannot offer an answer. I open the floor to debate…

Oh and Happy New Year to you all by the way!

David Cameron and my lack of morality

David Cameron, henceforth to be known as pleb face for the remainder of this post, has enraged me yet again. Not on issues of Europe or the economy but on religion and morality.

Pleb face has stated that ‘The UK is a Christian country’ (a link to the news article can be found here) which is something reminiscent of America being founded as a Christian nation, which of course it wasn’t.  Apparently we in the UK have suffered a ‘moral collapse’ suggesting that all of our morals have gone down the drain. According to pleb face we need to re-instill Christian values and morals to bring us all back to normal.

Sorry but, what a prick! I am deeply offended by these remarks. Why pleb face thinks religious values can sort this out is completely beyond me. Firstly it’s only the minority who seem to have suffered from this ‘moral collapse’. Pleb face actually announced yesterday the measures for tackling troubled families. This is good, it gets to the crux of the issues, this is where part of the problem lays, along with things such as poor education. Get these issues sorted and you’ll find people will have decent morals, rational morals, morals not based on religion. I am a moral person. I wouldn’t murder someone, I don’t steal, I’m courteous, I help other where I can. I treat others how I would like to be treated, none of it based on religion. But according to pleb face I need Christian values. Really?

Secondly we are not a Christian country, we are a secular society. The 2001 census data used is deeply misleading. It has been proved that the majority of people when marking the ‘what’s your religion’ bit of the census tend to put what religion they’ve mainly be bought up with or that they think they are associated with, despite not practicing the religion or even believing in a God at all.

Pleb face also defended the role of religion in politics. Aaaah, we’re turning into America! Religion has NO PLACE in politics. AT ALL.

In conclusion then, I am a moral person that has no religious values. So just treat others how you would like to be treated. It’s got the majority of us doing alright you’ll find.