Astrofest Awesomeness

Well I thought I ought to do a blog post about my time at Astrofest 2011 over the last few days. It was a fantastic 2 days, learnt a lot, met some lovely people and generally had a superb time.

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about going along. I knew no one except for a few people I ‘knew of’ on Twitter. I’m not usually good when you put me in the situation of this kind of thing with loads of random people.

Nevertheless I found how to get to High Street Kensington on the tube (tube maps confuse me) and on Friday morning at 8am I left to find my way. I then went in search of breakfast and coffee before I went in.

Now, despite checking how to get to the event on Google Maps, Google Street View and the fact that I had my iPhone with me, I still managed to get lost. I even missed the giant sign that said ‘ASTROFEST IS HERE’. Even the swarms of people heading to that big building over there didn’t help me out. I got there in the end though, just in time for Session 1.

The first talk was by Dr Emily Baldwin (@AstroEmz) on the moons of Mars. Continue reading