The Feynman Series

You all know that I’m a great fan of the late Carl Sagan and the fantastic tributary videos that have been made recently, notably The Sagan Series and The Carl Sagan Tribute Series.

I was understandably delighted when I saw that the creator of The Sagan Series had bought out a new series of videos, The Feynman Series. Richard Feynman was another revolutionary and outstanding scientist. Here are the first videos from this new series. My favourite is Part 1 – Beauty.

The Carl Sagan Tributes

It was only last year when I first became aware of Carl Sagan, sadly deceased but probably one of the greatest, most influential scientists to have roamed the surface of the Earth.

I heard about his 1982 series ‘Cosmos’ and immediately bought the series on Amazon and gawped in amazement at half a days worth of awesomeness!

Carl Sagan

Some of Carl Sagan’s quotes have really stuck with me and changed and re-shaped my perspective of the world. Below are a few of my favourties. Continue reading