Images a’ coming!

I had a bit of a lazy morning this morning and got up just before 10 (I had very good reason, I was on an early yesterday and needed some decent sleep). I went straight to my laptop to look at the latest images from Stardust but couldn’t find anything. I went to Ustream and caught the last 2 minutes of JPL’s broadcast (the American’s all went to bed I guess). What happened?

Well as it turns out everything pretty much went according to plan with the flyby. The spacecraft turned round to point its high-gain antenna at the Earth and hit the transmit button. Seems as if the pictures are coming in the wrong order though. It was programmed to send us the really exciting close-ups first but has instead decided to send them in the order they were photographed. This means we do actually have some pictures at the moment but were going to have to wait a few more hours to get the good’uns!

As good as it gets for the time being!

As you can see, a bit grainy and lacking in detail at the moment. The ones to come will be on orders of magnitude more impressive. I’m going to be at work when they come through though which is a bit of a shame. I’ll try and grab a sneaky peek when it quietens down a tad and blog about it tomorrow!