My Big Decision

This is a fairly large decision, way up there on the big decisions, future changing dilemma scale.

It’s something I started thinking about a while ago, and a few months ago I was seriously researching into it before things all got a bit too hectic and I left in on the shelf to come back to another day.

That ‘other day’ came along just, well, the other day! I was at work chatting with my colleague about the future. I’ve said to people for quite while that I’m not interested in becoming a controller and staying as an assistant for the rest of my days. This was partly the reason I started studying at the Open University. I only have GCSE’s and some work related qualifications behind my back and I had a re-ignited interest in science. So why not start studying again?!

Now the OU is great. I’m currently studying for a Certificate in Contemporary Science and another in Astronomy and Planetary Science and one more in Mathematics. But I don’t think the OU can get me to where I think I want to go.

So my colleague told me what I had thought before. Why don’t you leave, go to university full-time, study a specific, dedicated course and see where I end up. I’ve got enough money to go and do it now, but there’s some questions I need to ask myself.

The main one. Have I only got an enthusiastic interest in science or is it something I really want to get involved in? So how do you gauge this kind of thing? It’s quite difficult I think.

Now I’ve been having a look at stuff again recently, and seemingly there are no solely planetary science courses (what I’d want to study). It seems it’s only things like Physics with Space Sciences, or Astrophysics with Geology or simply just Earth Sciences with a small module on Planetary Science. This isn’t ideal because whilst interested in topics like astrophysics, I don’t think I have the ability to mathematically understand it, a bit of a problem.

So I’ve been starting to look overseas, namely at America to see the courses over there. But it’s all a tad confusing, I don’t know what info to look for or just generally where to look.

So I ask you, have you been in a similar situation to this, can you help me, can you answer my questions or just generally provide advice?